Saturday, November 20, 2010

Off-topic Post

So, I've been a bit obsessed with Four Loko lately, as I seem to be with quasi-taboo subjects.

Items/subjects such as this are interesting to me because of two things:
1. It's semi-underground, at least where I am. This makes it more interesting because it's terribly fun to introduce other non-internets people to it and in this case, let them sort of discover it for themselves.
2. It's not bullshit. In the age of faux viral videos, manufactured hype and paid guerilla marketing, it's somewhat rare to find a product that is, for lack of a better term, pure. You wont see any 4Loko (abbreviating as such from here on) commercials, billboards or magazine ads (likely for good reason). What Phusion put out was a product that works. Whether it works like the FDA or your mother would prefer it to work is a different story, but anyone who has drank one would agree, it works.

We had a 4loko tasting tonight, which included Fruit Punch, Watermelon, UVA(grape, I have no idea why they don't just call it grape on the can). We had previously tasted Blue Raspberry. Unsurprisingly, there was no consensus. Personally, the grape (UVA) is pretty good. One taster who couldn't stomach any of the others loved the watermelon (gross).

If you haven't drank a 4loko or you normally hang out with people who wouldn't normally buy ghettowine/maltbeverage/energydrink concoctions, I highly recommend you buy one and bring it over. It's a conversation piece by itself, before you even crack the can. Bring small plastic tasting glasses to church it up a bit.

Oh yeah, drink fast. Phusion took the stimulants out in advance of the FDA declaring it "unsafe for consumption" as of Weds the 17th. Pussies.


  1. i follow you every day,,nice posts..:))

  2. Honestly (and this will sound hipsterish), I tried FOUR like 5 years ago when it came out. I've only recently heard of people liking it since they threatened to ban it. Sounds like a good PR move by the makers of FOUR to me.